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S-Teroos lives in digital, born as observer, and raised as native player that invested in helping brands through digital conversation.

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We are a full-service digital agency consist of goal-oriented team who lead the conversation of your brand through digital experience

Step 1.

First Things First, A Tailored Pre-Launch is The Key

We know influencers, professionally and personally. This will be a matchmaking session. We will identify highly-curated macro to micro influencers with organic conversation on digital to elevate your brand goals and objectives. Supported by data-driven strategy on campaign brief, you’ll get the best match possible.

Step 2.

3, 2, 1, Launch!

Everything is all set now. We will go full-throttle with every single element, macros, megas, celebs, and publishers to execute the hype, word-of-mouth material, and effective campaign with aim of making long lasting impressions. Take a seat, relax, we’ll do the rest. You be the pacesetter and we all be proud of your roadie.

Step 3.

Everyone Bats an Eye at You

This where our hyper-personalized approach happens. We will activate our dedicated influencers to amplify your brand's marketing campaign through compelling yet captivating content. It will automatically sustain conversation between influencers and broad audiences to drive awareness, improve engagement, and generate conversion.

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GrabFood #SemuaBisaBM

S-Teroos created creative idea to portray relevant slice-of-life of people’s BM-(Banyak Mau)-ness for GrabFood #SemuaBisaBM campaign. We even created lyric to be performed by influencer, which...
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GrabFood #JanganLupaMakan

We delivered a message through a joke with #janganlupamakan in order to inform people about the interesting deal that offered on Jan 2020. S-Teroos generated a creative...
  • Client

    Grab Indonesia

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June 6, 2020

GrabFood Signature

Grab Indonesia returns to S-Teroos and brings its new GrabFood Signature promotion. We strategized with notable foodies & lifestyle KOLs to highlight the experience of Grabfood...
  • Client

    Grab Indonesia

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June 6, 2020

Sobat Cashback

Shopback comes to S-Teroos and ask to gain awareness about how to get cashback with Shopback and encourage audiences to install its application. We came out...
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