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We’re S-Teroos. We create & lead the conversation.

Let’s have a glimpse of the digital ecosystem nowadays. It’s packed with cliche, repetitive, and tedious ideas. Audiences don’t buy it due to lack of originality and connection. But, it’s meaningful when done right. S-Teroos does it right.

S-Teroos is filled with a solid team of resourceful, passionate, and willing to go the extra mile type of folk to help brands transform its quest into a sustainable conversation that converts.

Our History

We know you’re eager to learn about us. It was back in last year, August 1st, 2019 precisely, S-Teroos was established. Founded by Dara Prayoga whose expertise in the digital industry, yet an observer and native player quickly realized the potential of digital outlook.

The meaning of the name S-Teroos stems from our mother’s well-known phrase that stays last, “Es teroos!” So to derive its value, we aspire to consistently deliver every brands’ campaign that everyone can recall.


We considered ourselves to be a result-driven team that always sees the light at the end of road, by creating real conversation as our main tool.


We don’t work with influencers, we’re partner in crime for distinguished influencers, from nano-to-macros talents who’s ready to connect your brand to audiences.

Looking forward to working with you

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Dara Prayoga

CEO & Founder

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